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365 PLAN

You can bring your children for yearly physical exams and sick visits for only $25 per visit (no exclusions).  There are no extra fees for routine shots or in-office medical treatments. Lab fees are discounted, and prescrptions are discounted through local pharmacies.

This is a great program for parents who would like great medical care at a predictable cost.  It is NOT medical insurance, but it simulates many of the features of medical insurance.  Essentially, you get high quality medical care with low cost office visits from a physican and staff who get to know you and your family personally.  We attempt to keep lab tests and medication costs to a minimum. Pay a membership fee for each enrolled child get unlimited visits for only a $25 co-pay.  

  • Visits include full checkups, sports physicals, sick visits, and routine vaccines; 
  • 24 hour telephone advice is included;
  • Discounted Lab Fees;
  • This plan works very well in conjunction with the current Walmart, Target and Kroger prescription plans (i.e. $4 per prescription); 
  • Many common lab tests are included, and others are an additional minimal fee (usually less than $20 per year). A price list is available upon request;
  • $250 Yearly Membership Fee Required