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"I had to switch pediatricians earlier this year when our insurance changed. I am so thankful we found Dr. Morales' practice! He eased my 2 year old's fear of the doctor with his calm demeanor and friendly conversation. I was also blown away when I called on a late Friday afternoon with a medical question about my newborn, Dr. Morales actually answered the phone and talked me through it! WOW! We have been to both locations. The office staff is professional and very kid friendly!"

Jessica N.

"The people are friendly."

Austin L. [Teen]

"Staff excellent !!! When I call, I get professional courtesy and concern for my children."

Brenda S.

"The employees here are very friendly and caring when it comes to kids."

Sonya J.

"Good nurses. Quiet also. [They] make you feel comfortable."

Diana D..

"Love Dr Morales and his Monroe staff ! Kelsey and Elsey are the bomb ! I call up there and they know exactly who I am. They know my children and what they like. They are excellent !! If have rarely ever had to wait more than 15 minutes to see the Dr....and if I have it's because they are handling children.. often sick children. Come on.. we all know kids are unpredictable. Dr Morales spends plenty of time with each child and gives a thorough check. Would you rather he rush in glance at your child then rush out???"

Cindy B.